Turn your data into real-time customer magic.

Bring the power of in-the-moment data to Customer 360 with the first-ever real-time CRM.  With Genie, your ability to make magical experiences is unstoppable.

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The digital customer experience.

Today, 71% of customers expect every interaction with a business to be personalized. However, data remains siloed and duplicative across most companies. Companies, on average, have 976 separate applications to run their business — that’s potentially 976 versions of a single customer, leading to disconnected digital experiences. The amount of data created, captured, replicated, and consumed each year is expected to double by 2026. Companies must seamlessly connect digital and real-world customer interactions.


Powering Customer 360.

With Salesforce Genie, every company can turn data into customer magic, delivering seamless, highly personalized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that continuously adapt to changing customer information and needs in real-time.

Why QuadraByte?

QuadraByte can help your team implement Salesforce Genie and your business applications to create a true Customer 360.  Why is this important to your business?

  • Milliseconds matter.  Customers expect a minimal delay in executing their needs.
  • Garnering insights from signals on websites, advert interactions, and IoT devices help to connect the digital and physical worlds.
  • Salesforce Genie spans the entire Salesforce Platform, collecting data from all data sources your organization has, and can be used to drive any action, interaction, or insight across sales, service, marketing, commerce, MuleSoft, Tableau and more.

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