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Ethereum Smart Contract Solutions

Looking for Ethereum-based Smart Contract solutions?  Let us help!  We can assist you in building and implementing any Ethereum Improvement Proposal (EIP) for your business.

EIP-2981?  EIP-20?  HOw about EIP-721?  Yes, we do all of those!  Our services include a free proposal to gather your Smart Contract requirements with EIP development packages starting as low as $20,000 per Smart Contract.

  • ERC-721 & ERC-1155 NFT Contracts
  • ERC-20 Token Contracts
  • EIP-2981 Royalty Interface
  • SWC Registry Compliant
  • Mainnet Ready Solutions
  • Fully Customized Smart Contracts

Why We're The Best

We believe it's time for companies to stop hiring expensive developers to create Smart Contracts. Our team has built and deployed over 100 Smart Contracts for our customers.

How much is an NFT Smart Contract?

Ethereum-based NFT Smart Contracts can leverage the ERC-721 or ERC-1155 proposals.  Our base package starts at $20,000 and goes up depending on your needs.

Do you create tokens?

Yes! The price for an ERC-20 Token starts at $15,000 and goes up depending on the needs of the token or any adjustment in the EIP protocol. ICO, STO, and ILO are not included.

Can you help with liquidity?

Yes!  We offer consulting services to help you navigate filing your ICO, STO, or ILO application.  Prices are billed hourly and the time to liquidity depends on many regulatory factors.